Saturday, April 26, 2008

Take Care of Our Health During Summer

Let us make it a practice to wake up early during the summer months; by about 6 a.m. maximum.

Take about a litre of water in the morning, start from one glass and increase it to 5 glasses in a month's time.

Drink a tender coconut/glass of buttermilk a day. Avoid soft drinks that are aerated as they may seem as thirst quenchers but in reality they will induce acidity. Reduce the caffeine and alcohol intake for the season. Avoid taking ice-cold water.

Take melons, cucumbers, water vegetables and fruits during snack breaks. Reduce the number of eat outs even if you or your family is traveling. Do not take much of fried foods as they will enhance acidity levels in the body.

Take room temperature water baths during the day at least thrice. Do not allow perspiration to dry in the body.

Do not eat heavy foods in the night before going to bed. Take more of fruits and fresh vegetables for meals. This will not only enhance your appetite, it will also aid quick and easy digestion.

Take lime juice with room temperature water, with salt and sugar alternatively. This will energize you and will prevent fatigue. Drink fresh fruit juices that are not iced.

Wear light, loose fitting, light colored clothes.

Reschedule strenuous physical activities for cooler periods of the day.

Use air conditioning, fans and adequate ventilation. Parents should never lock children in cars, and all cars should be locked when not in use.

These refreshers will arm us better to face the summer that is striking us hard. It will also help us handle all other pressures.