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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The 'E' Life

*The ...E... life !!!!!*

*In this world of E-mails, E-ticket, E-paper, E-recharge, E-transfer and the latest E-Governance...*

*Never Forget "E-shwar ( God )"*

*who makes e-verything e-asy for e-veryone e-veryday.*

*"E" is the most Eminent letter of the English alphabet.*

*Men or Women don't exist without "E".*

*House or Home can't be made without "E".*

*Bread or Butter can't be found without "E".*

*"E" is the beginning of "existence" and the end of "trouble."*

*It's not at all in 'war'but twice in 'peace'*

*It's once in 'hell' but twice in 'heaven'.*

*E"represented in 'Emotions'*
*Hence*  *all emotional relations like Father,Mother,Brother, Sister,wife & friends have 'e' in them.*

*E" also represents 'Effort' & 'Energy'*
*Hence to be 'Better' from good both "e" 's are added.*

*Without "e", we would have no love, life, wife, friends or hope*

*& 'see', 'hear', 'smell', or 'taste' as 'eye' 'ear', 'nose' & 'tongue' are incomplete without "e".*

*Hence GO with "E" but without E-GO.*