Sunday, April 29, 2012

Be the CHANGE you want to see!

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's Speech - A Must Read

Be the Change You Want to See! 

To all those who do not TURN OFF their PCs, ACs & Lights before leaving the office....

Most of use from the IT field do one thing before leaving for the day from office, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and leave happily. That means your PC is still ON.

One Normal PC in Sleep Mode (Hibernation) will consume 35Watts/hour. Based on this let's do a small calculation.

For One week, 24*7=168 Hours. Of this if we consider that we are working for 68 hours, then the PC is in Sleep Mode for 100 hours a week.

For one month, 4*100=400 hours. In a normal IT office, if we assume approximately 250 PCs are there, 250*400=1,00,000 hours (Sleep Mode), So power wasted in an office in a month is 
1,00,000*35=3500KWH or units. If the charge per unit is Indian Rs 6, then totally the wastage value is approximately Indian Rs 21,000.

Here the sad thing is not the money loss to the company but the power loss to the country. (Hope no company bothered about this procedure of keeping the system in sleep mode)

Apart from the loss to the country, we need to think of the efforts people are putting for producing the power in Mines, Thermal Stations, Hydro Electric Stations etc. If this is to continue, the cost of unit will go up, at one stage, we will not get power even if we are ready to pay any cost.

So, before leaving office, take some time to shut down the PC and do some favour to the COUNTRY and the organization.

If you feel that this point is to be considered, forward this to all your friends.

** Source - Received
via email.